Music has no place for hate

The music room is a place for love and acceptance. It is not a place for racism and hate. For some students, learning about racism is a new and challenging thing. For other students, racism is something that was experienced before they could learn about it. I want to share a fantastic resource with you. Children's book authors came together to help talk about current events of violence and racism in a way that kids can understand. This video is one of the best resources for children that I've found, and I want to share it with you all. Parents, watch it with you child and help them learn about how to be anti-racist. Enjoy!

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Hi everybody, welcome to the remote music room. I'm so happy to have a chance for all of us to stay in touch and learn. You'll find that each grade group has their own tab for activities and lessons. It is split into Pre-k, K/1, 2/3, and 4/5. Stay tuned for other updates as I learn more about this website. I plan on sharing many fun resources in the blog. I'd also like to use the forum to post activities and have you all share what you are working on. Let's have fun learning music!

- Mr. K


The Brown Bookshelf Presents: KidLit4BlackLives

The first half of this video is a special program for students and families! You may notice some of your favorite children's book authors!

The second half is for parents, teachers, and others. 

This is the best resource for talking about racism and current events with children that I have come across. Enjoy!


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